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Q: Is it possible to outsource EDI in the same way as other IT services?

A:Just as with other forms of IT technology, outsourcing EDI services to a company who has the needed resources to manage your EDI requirements is possible. PEG's Managed EDI Outsourcing Services has the capacity to empower you to enable your complete supply chain, even on a global basis. This EDI service provides comprehensive support for your EDI requirements, from recruiting partners to building trading companies to developing maps to linking electronic documents together.


Industry Quotes

"People are outsourcing electronic commerce for cost and competitive reasons. The demand is high, the sense of urgency is high, and the in-house expertise is low. Electronic commerce is not just a typical application."

Do-it-yourself or outsource?

Highly successful companies recognize that finding a technology partner to manage their IT operations can provide significant advantages, both tactical and strategic. The Gartner Group estimates that 80% of organizations will outsource a part of their IT operations by the end of the decade.

EDI Features & Outsourcing

Over the years PEG's portfolio of products and services has evolved into a wide range of EDI/E-Business solutions, from systems integration, to full managed EDI outsourcing and customer specific AS/400 application customization. By constantly innovating new methods to enhance and simplify the way EDI is done, PEG has created a full suite of feature-rich EDI product offerings designed to meet even the most selective of customers.


  • Supports various communications methods: secure FTP, FTPs, VAN's, AS2, SSHFTP, ebXML, OFTP, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc...
  • Unparalleled translation, validation, and mapping speed
  • Fully automated functional acknowledgment generation and reconciliation
  • Transaction Send or Receive Notification
  • Customer receipt of transaction pending report
  • Scheduled Order Notification
  • Trading partner receipt of transaction pending report
  • Custom trading partner reporting
  • User configurable transaction delay transmission to trading partner
  • Capable of serving single trading partner or unlimited trading partners
  • Configurable for Unlimited Trading Partners and Transaction Sets
  • Robust EDI transaction set management with filtering, look-ups, audit trails, history and more
  • Easy configuration of NEW trading partners - reducing additional set up fees
  • Customer Specific Rule-based file definition setup for management of all data files
  • Capable of tracking revision history for both EDI and application data
  • Configurable error checking at the system, trading partner, and transaction set levels
  • Supports all EDI X12, EDIFACT, VICS, and UCS transaction set standards
  • Supports custom application formats
  • Reports can be completely automated for emailing various formats
  • Extensive built in reporting included
  • Unattended and automated, scheduled execution with email notifications
  • Data Conversions cross-reference data enabling transformation of data to desired format
  • Includes EDI PEG Map Designer, allowing creation of integration maps
  • Automatic multi-store (SDQ) purchase order separation (retail industry)
  • Includes Product Activity Data (852) reporting tool (retail industry)