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Value Drug Mart has more than 4,000 transactions per month being transmitted to 45 different trading partners. It was extremely important for us to partner with an EDI service provider capable of reliably processing these transactions for us each and every month on a consistent error-free basis. Precision E-Business Group (PEG) was the company of choice and has been totally committed to meeting our high level of EDI service quality standards by keeping us completely satisfied for the past 7 years. Value Drug Mart started off their relationship with PEG by asking them to provide in-depth training on EDI service and operations as it pertains to being a trading company for one of Precision's other clients. Our relationship grew to the point where PEG now takes care of our EDI service needs including handling all of our EDI hardware, software and licensing requirements. Additionally Precision provides VAN services that have saved us a considerable amount of money and has constantly strived to do whatever it takes to keep us happy. Their knowledge, competence and professionalism have proven to be a real asset to our company.


The Precision E-Business Group EDI Stimulus Package:

  • Implementation of your first EDI Trading Partner and Transaction - Free
  • First 16 programming hours for EDI data mapping - Free
  • First month of EDI VAN services - Free

By choosing Precision E-Business Group (PEG) as your EDI outsourcing Partner, you will be provided with a customized EDI solution, to meet your company's unique needs. You will have full control on how, what, and when, your specific EDI components are implemented and continue to operate to your corporate processing standards. PEG will then implement the system according to your exact specifications.


Who Is Precision E-Business Group?

Precision E-Business Group (PEG) was established in Oakville Ontario, Canada in 1998. We partner with medium to large organizations to offer custom end to end, business-to-business (B2B) solutions for the AS/400, iSeries marketplace.
Our customized approach to managed EDI outsourcing provides the ability to gain supply chain efficiencies and accuracy enabling bottom line costs reductions. PEG uses multiple methods of communication to connect with the supply chain in order to rapidly transmit time sensitive electronic business documents such as invoices, purchase orders and advance shipping notices to your trading partners. We enrich the existing AS/400, iSeries applications with modern custom application development and legacy application maintenance. Our specialty is EDI implementations that interface with the AS/400, primarily focusing on providing services in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail and distribution industries.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with reliable, high quality, and managed services using a team of very dedicated and experienced professionals. Our emphasis has been on corporations in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, distribution and retail verticals; however our services are applicable to many other markets.

What Precision E-Business Group Provides

  • EDI Systems Integration E-Business Integration
  • EDI Systems Integration
  • AS/400 Integration AS2/FTPNAN Services
  • AS/400 Application Customization
  • Data Transformation EDI Translations
  • EDI Disaster Recovery

Why Call Precision E-Business Group?

Our depth and breadth of experience will facilitate how you handle your total business to business integration requirements from; data mapping, translation, trading partner relationships, communications, process management, data archiving, and disaster recovery. We work closely with our customers to ensure that our solutions are reliable, and provide the process, quality and bottom line improvements that B2B solutions can deliver.
Our team members are highly qualified, trained and experienced in dealing with B2B technologies. PEG can deliver results in very timely and efficient manner. Their expertise will enable clients to rapidly expand both their trading partner base and transaction sets resulting in further bottom line improvements.
PEG will enable your company enter into the B2B technology arena with minimal investment in hardware, software and resources. We will make the data transformation and communications transparent to you and provide you with a highly secured EDI Infrastructure that is capable of expanding and growing with your own business.