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OMRON Canada has been using Precision [-Business Group's (PEG) EDI Outsourcing Services and professional consulting services for more than two years now. PEG helped lead our
company through an EDI
conversion, providing reliable, efficient EDI consulting services. The Precision team was fully committed to meeting our EDI business requirements and the entire process was worry-free, requiring no follow-up on our part. During our recent AS/400 system upgrade, the hardware provider's set-up caused a major problem with our communications system. PEG's team of support staff came in at a moment's notice and worked tirelessly to get the OMRON EDI service back up and running properly. It's the type of timely, high quality customer support that OMRON has become accustomed to and were looking forward to a long-term relationship of more of the same. Throughout various other projects PEG has provided exemplary work, acting as an integral part of our team. Our EDI partnership with Precision was a fantastic move for both us and our customers.

EDI Systems!E-Business Integration

EDI E-Business Integration is an essential element in an organization's efforts to improve its ability to respond to customers, the market and other strategic requirements. With a wide variety of tool-enabled disciplines, EDI/E-Business Integration enables companies to meet business-driven information requirements in a timely matter.
With Precision [-Business Group's (PEG) highly qualified EDI professionals we can provide quick and reliable integration solutions that are customized to meet your specific business challenges and your trading partners' requirements. PEG has the ability to integrate EDUE-Business functionality into your internal systems to enable your EDI to interface with the necessary applications. PEG has the capability and resources to support your current legacy system application requirements, and the experience to enhance your applications to react to your future business process demands.


By partnering with Precision E-Business Group to integrate EDI!E-Business functionality into your organization you can experience:

  • Improved data accuracy
  • Improved productivity and business controls
  • Reduced inventory and operational costs
  • Accelerated information exchange

Allow Precision [-Business Group (PEG) to help you build closer relationships with your trading partners, increase the efficiency and productivity of your operations, and most importantly gain a competitive advantage in your industry by allowing us to integrate EDI/E-Business into your company.

EDI Translation/Data Transformation

PEG's EDI Translation / Data Transformation service empowers you to send your EDI documents in any format you choose. PEG then translates the documents into the required format by your trading partner. We provide EDI Translation / Data Transformation from Any format to Any format. Our knowledge, experience and infrastructure will enable you to quickly and efficiently enter into an EDI relationship with your valued trading partners.
By allowing PEG to manage your EDI Translation / Data Transformation processes, your company can save money on translation software, annual maintenance feeds, and the personnel that would be required to maintain the translator.
At PEG, translations are developed specifically for each customer and trading partner relationship. This provides PEG the ability to be extremely flexible to easily meet any requirements at the trading partner level such as; specific edits, data screening, data substitution and so much more. With theses specialized solutions, it ensures that a change from one trading partners process does not impact another.