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I have researched the capabilities of dozens of EDI outsourcing providers located across North America. Precision E-Business Group is the company that I recommend that is heads and shoulders above everyone else The technical knowledge of PEG's integration team ensures that legacy systems, AS/400 resident applications and complete end-to-end communication capabilities are fully functional to each of my customer's specifications. The features of the overall PEG EDI/E-Business solutions are exactly what clients' need for both their current operational needs and for future directions of growth. My clients have also embraced various Disaster Recovery solutions that have been specifically customized for them. Clients who have chosen to partner with PEG all have repeated the same high level of praise for: the timeliness of support, saving significant costs in VAN fees and being 100% committed to the clients' individual business needs. I only recommend Precision E-Business Group as an EDI Service provider because Fm guaranteed my clients' will be extremely pleased with the time and money they will save and the quality of the final result.

EDI Systems/E-Business Integration

Precision E-Business Group (PEG) provides a variety of services that will enable you and your customers, suppliers, distributors, and partners to interact, collaborate, exchange data and conduct business online in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner. PEG will become a transparent extension of your business to business processes operating under your standards and direction. We are 100% committed to satisfying your individual needs and those of your EDI trading partners.


EDI Translation/Data Transformation

PEG's EDI Translation/Data Transformation service empowers you to send your EDI documents in any format you choose. PEG will then translate the documents into the required format by your trading partner. We provide Translation/Data Transformation from Any to Any including EDI version to version, X12 to UN/EDIFACT, proprietary flat file to X12, X12 to XML, or whatever formats the sender and/or receiver specifies. Our knowledge, experience and infrastructure will enable you to quickly and efficiently enter into an EDI relationship with your valued trading partners.

VAN Services
Precision's EDI VAN is a private network for secure information exchange between companies using EDI. It is a highly reliable, cost-effective service with a fee-structure that is transaction based compared to many character based services. Our team will manage the entire communication process for you to ensure that transmissions are completed accurately and on time.

EDI Disaster Recovery
PEG provides a unique disaster recovery solution that will allow you to have a remote ED1 department available on a stand by basis. We can replicate your maps, integration and communications configuration to enable the ability to have remote EDI solutions on demand.

AS2/FTP Services
AS2/FTP is a protocol that enables communication over the Internet. PEG offers AS2/FTP communication services designed to shield you from the complexities involved in providing effective and efficient B2B communications. Our AS2/FTP services will offer you the means to establish a flexible, secure and productive relationship with your trading community. By engaging with Precision E-Business Group's AS2 Services, you send your EDI documents to us and we handle the interface to your trading partner. EDI Transaction notifications are closely monitored to guarantee that data will not be lost and your EDI transactions are handled in a confidential and secure manner.

AS/400 Application Customization
PEG can easily help customize any software to meet the functionality and operational specifications of the AS/400 or iSeries infrastructure. We excel in integrating customized or unique applications into your systems to improve daily process operations and functionality.

AS/400 Inter? ratio:
PEG allows companies using / relying on the AS/400 infrastructure, to easily communicate and interface with other AS/400 systems and platforms.
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