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EDI Frequently Asked Questions  

How long has EDI been around?  

For over thirty years, EDI has been a long-established communications solution in many organizations, allowing for the electronic transfer of documents. With the emergence of new technologies, EDI has had to evolve.

By taking advantage of these new technologies, EDI continues to serve as an effective and efficient mode of document exchange between companies and will be around for many years to come. 

There has been much said about data standards and EDI related industry associations. Are these associations and EDI standards important?                    

EDI related industry associations are very important. These associations enable your company to understand what other businesses are doing in your particular industry when it comes to EDI usage.

Additionally, these organizations play a big part in the development of industry EDI standards. In order for your EDI implementation to be successful and to achieve a competitive edge in the global market, it is very important to understand these EDI standards.  

Resolving issues quickly and effectively is important in order to meet the strict deadlines that each business challenge presents us. 

EDI infrastructure is complex, and a variety of unexpected issues can arise. 

Support teams need to be prepared, applying “Best Practices” to any situation presented by a partner. They need to be trained to resolve unexpected errors and provide implementation options.  

The North American customer support team at Precision e-Business group (PEG) provides world-class customer support that continues to receive praise from our partners. We have a proven track record of providing quality solutions for the diverse range of issues that arise from their partners.

Our team is highly experienced in helping our partners with:

  • Installation Challenges
  • Configuration Expertise
  • Communication Assistance & Monitoring
  • Data Mapping, Translation & Data Integrity
  • Process Modelling
  • Trading Partner initial setup & on-going support

More than 80% of partner calls are resolved within the first hour including;

  • How to... Questions
  • Developing Workarounds
  • Explaining Key Concepts and Best Practices
  • Diagnosing Configuration and Operational Issues
  • Facilitating Problem Resolution

Our North American Customer Support Specialists are;

  • Trained to Work Closely with Our Partners during the process of solving complex software issues 
  • Motivated, Highly qualified problem-solvers 
  • Capable of tracking problems to completion supported by the latest technology 
  • Specialists that have years of experience with the software development of EDI