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Environmental Conservation

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Peg is converting significant portions of our data centre to be powered by solar energy.

Our overall corporate commitment is to convert to an all energy saving structure (Green Operations). 

Carbon Footprints
This year, Precision e-Business group (PEG) and our partners have collectively eliminated the paper required to print 18,000,000 documents. 

PEG understands the importance of environmental conservation, we have drastically reduced quantities of chemicals, water and energy needed for paper production. 

Our company and valued partners have supported environmental conservation through: 

Reducing Carbon Dioxide (CO2 gases) by 950,800 pounds per year. This is equivalent to taking 98 cars off the road or reducing gasoline consumption by 180,500 gallons a year.  

Reducing wood consumption by 1,061 tonnes, saving 8,876 trees annually. 

Eliminating 7,375,000 BTU’s of total energy consumption. This is equivalent to being able to provide enough energy to heat 80 homes for a year. 

Saving 4,166,250 gallons of water no longer needed for paper production.  

The Environmental Challenge 

We look to the future and wonder what impact are we having on our families, friends, community and the world? 

At PEG, we want to make our planet a better place and believe that this is within our reach. Our thoughts are towards making a difference for the future.  

Contact us today to partner with us and be a part of the solution.